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Yueyang Smile Packing Equipment&Material Co.,Limited. is a professional production enterprise integrating technology design, manufacture, sale and after-sale service. The main products include “triangular packing machine for tea bags”, “granule packing machine”, “powder packing machine”, “liquid filling equipment for sauce, packaging consumables”, etc. Relying on science and technology, with customer requirements as the criterion and complete after-sales service as the guarantee, the enterprise is a strong backing for the production and processing of all kinds of tea enterprises, food processing plants, plastic and hardware electrical appliances industry at home and abroad.



How should food be properly packaged?

There are tens of thousands of manufacturers in the food industry in China. Different foods have their own tastes, so they bring happiness to the food. Nowadays, the foods are starting to develop on dry goods, and the taste is also coming. Diversified.

Features of vacuum packaging machine: ...
    The food dryer uses the hot air circu...