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Intelligentization of puffed food has become the focus of the packaging industry-packaging production line

The global economic growth has slowed down, and the packaging machinery industry has also been affected by the pressure of slowing economic growth. The profit margin has decreased compared with the same period last year. The global packaging machinery industry has shrunk.

Recently, the price of raw materials has risen sharply and the labor base has risen, resulting in a substantial increase in the production costs of packaging machinery companies. It has become the last straw to crush the packaging machinery industry, becoming a packaging machinery puffed food packaging machine, seasoning packaging machine, and oil cleaning Related companies in the hot pot bottom material packaging machine industry cannot afford it. On the other hand, automation and intelligent equipment are widely used, and the packaging industry is no exception.



With the development of science and technology, intelligence has become the blue ocean of market development. Puffed food packaging machine, seasoning packaging machine, clear oil hot pot bottom material packaging machine as a sunrise industry, as long as it is related to smart industries have obtained huge profits. With the high incidence of food safety incidents, smart packaging has also become the focus of the development of the packaging industry. Puffed food packaging machine, seasoning packaging machine, clear oil hot pot bottom material packaging machine, these special properties of packaging can just meet the special requirements of food packaging and special environmental conditions. At present, the domestic food safety situation is very severe and has reached an imminent level. Therefore, we urgently need to improve the intelligence of packaging and use various methods to ensure food safety to the greatest extent. Smart packaging is a powerful measure to ensure food safety, and it needs to be developed urgently. But he also pointed out that from another perspective, although my country’s smart packaging application still lags behind developed countries, my country’s smart packaging market has a huge profit margin waiting to be tapped.

Packaging robots fight for the high ground    Except for the territory belonging to the original packaging workers, it is gradually missing. In other fields, robots quietly occupy the territory that originally belonged to humans, such as: automatic food inspection system. Although you can not admit that this is a robot, it uses a machine vision system with automatic waste removal and real-time What is the difference between a fully automatic inspection system that detects and rejects unqualified products and professional robots?

The use of robots instead of manual labor to do simple tasks has reduced costs and consistent operating standards. It has been widely used in some European countries. In this way, the involvement of robots in my country’s packaging industry is imperative. The realization of “unmanned factory” puffed food packaging machines, seasoning packaging machines, and oil-cleaning hot pot bottom material packaging machines is just around the corner.

Post time: Sep-25-2020