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Classification and applicable fields of automatic packaging machines

The more common automatic packaging machines include automatic granule packaging machines, automatic powder packaging machines, automatic liquid packaging machines, automatic paste packaging machines, etc. Fully automatic packaging machines are used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and light industries. It can pull bags, make bags, fill materials, code, count, measure, seal and deliver products. After the setting is completed, it can be fully automated and unmanned to complete multiple processes at once.

Automatic packaging machine equipment

1. The automatic packaging machine for making packaging bags is a kind of fully automatic packaging machinery and equipment, which can directly make packaging bags from plastic packaging film, and complete measurement detection, filling, sealing, and automatic internal labeling in the process of making packaging bags. Printing, counting and other operations. The bag packaging machine uses a manipulator to open, pack, and seal the user’s prefabricated bags. At the same time, it completes the functions of filling and coding under the coordinated control of the computer to realize the fully automatic packaging of the prefabricated bags.

2. Automatic liquid paste packaging machine is suitable for: shampoo, soy sauce bag, vinegar bag, grease, grease, cosmetics and other liquid pastes. Packaging machines mainly include bag-making packaging machines, bag-feeding packaging machines and can-type packaging machines for the domestic market.

3. The automatic granule packaging machine is suitable for: sugar, coffee, fruit, tea, MSG, salt, desiccant, seeds and other granules.

4. The automatic powder packaging machine is suitable for: milk powder, protein powder, starch, coffee beans, seasonings, medicinal powder, pesticide powder and other powders.
5. Tank feeder packaging machine is composed of three parts: tank feeder, weighing machine and capping machine. Usually, an intermittent rotating mechanism is used. Each rotating station sends a blanking signal to the weighing machine to complete quantitative filling.



Post time: Sep-14-2020