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Automatic particle packaging machine relies on independent innovation and development

According to the analysis of my country’s automatic packaging machine industry, my country has been ranked among the major packaging countries-granular packaging machine, nut roasting packaging machine, almond packaging machine, but this is only an advantage in terms of quantity. The transformation from a large country to a powerful packaging country still requires independent innovation in packaging technology and equipment manufacturing technology. But how should we carry out technological innovation?

First of all, cultivate and develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry and build a well-known brand in the industry. The fully automatic packaging industry should put the cultivation and development of high-end equipment manufacturing as the top priority, strengthen the core key technology research and development of granular packaging machines, nut roasting packaging machines, and almond packaging machines, break through the weak links in key product areas, and seize the commanding heights of future industrial development. Create the necessary conditions for maintaining sustainable development and becoming bigger and stronger.

Secondly, improving the quality and efficiency of industrial development is an inherent requirement for transforming the economic development mode. At present, the domestic export volume of fully automatic packaging machines is still very small. Last year there was a deficit of US$1.95 billion, indicating that a considerable part of the industry is still at the low end of the industry relying on simple processing and cheap labor to increase efficiency, and there is still a long way to go. Product profit level is very low, coupled with multiple pressures such as rising prices, relative shortage of energy, and high environmental protection requirements, the original comparative advantages of the products are gradually weakening, and the comparative disadvantages are becoming increasingly prominent. Recommended: pellet packaging machine, nut roasting packaging machine, almond packaging machine.

Finally, strengthening the research of industry common technologies is a strong guarantee for enhancing the innovation capability of my country’s automatic packaging machine industry. At present, the research on common technologies of my country’s automatic packaging machine industry lags behind, has not formed a scale, and lacks systemicity and continuity, and the results achieved are very limited and urgently need to be enhanced.

At present, in order to meet the development needs of the market, automatic packaging machines are the focus of the development of the packaging machinery industry. Granule packaging machine, pecan packaging machine, melon seed packaging machine The development of automatic packaging machine mainly depends on the huge domestic market demand. If domestic packaging machinery companies want more long-term development, they must be based on the present and solve the current problems of backward technology and insufficient funds. The development of entrepreneurship requires independent innovation.






Post time: Sep-10-2020